Coaching is the development of a relationship where we learn to understand you. We create a plan to discover your deeper YOU.

New ideas and lots of learning happen.

This can be for the business owner, the seeker who is looking to evolve or the person who is struggling with medical challenges and unsure of the next step.


I have been treating, teaching, and coaching for over 40 years.

My experience gives me the ability to draw on different techniques and skills to customize healing sessions for you.

Our time will focus first on optimizing what is working in your life. The result will be more love, happiness, success, clarity, and confidence.

Once we know all the great things that are working, there is a strong foundation to ground the changes you are seeking.

Cindy Mattingly - virtual sessions coaching healing

Animal Healing

Cindy’s  animal healing sessions are customized distant work with the same energy work modalities and tools used for my human clients, but tailored for the animal.

I ask the owner to send a picture and we then set up a time for the session. Distant-work is beneficial when working with animals. Neither the owner nor the animal need to leave their home.  This strategy creates a peaceful session with less stress for everyone.  Upon completion, I send an email summarizing the session.

For those of you who are curious about my Certifications, they can be found here.

*Intuition is a magnified sensory experience. 

 I use this ability and skill during all the sessions.

Coaching & Individual sessions are $350/hour. 

Animal Energy Sessions $35/15 minutes 

To schedule a session, please call 978-269-7799, or email