Akashic Records

Instructors: Caitlin Marino and Cindy Mattingly.

Aug 11,12,13,14: Friday – Monday
4 days

Class Fee: $1500.


To Register: Call Cindy Mattingly at 978-269-7799 or email cindy@cindymattingly.com

Retreat Intention

Welcome to the first day of the retreat! We will give you recommended wording for your question to set your intention for the retreat and easy to follow instructions for doing a tarot reading. You will pair up with a partner in a breakout room for this exercise. Please be sure to bring your own tarot deck. There will be time to share and ask questions after the tarot reading exercise.

Akashic Spiritual Team Member for Yourself

Akashic Spiritual Team member – Bringing in the energy of an Akashic Spiritual Team member is an important part of setting up for record readings. For those of you who took our Spiritual Team class, this part of our preparation will help you identify your new member and expand your team. If you are new to Spiritual teams, you will have your first experience of meeting a spiritual specialist. Akashic Reading

Akashic Reading for Yourself – We will introduce you to our suggested methods for reading the Akashic Records. Using the same protocol that we use with ourselves and our clients, you will be given ample time to practice your self-guided reading and to ask questions.

Akashic Reading for Others

This day is dedicated to expanding your skill with record reading. You will pair up again in breakout rooms and practice reading the Akashic Records of your partner. The information gained from reading the records of another person may mean less to you than it does to them. It is important to share the information regardless. A seemingly trivial piece of information has the potential to profoundly impact another person’s life.

Practice Readings with feedback
                                       Re-entry clearing and grounding

On this final day you will deepen your experience of Akashic Record reading with practice in a breakout session. This time you and your partner will give each other feedback using a structured feedback form. Your partner’s feedback will help you improve on your ability to share accurate information during a reading. After the breakout session, there will be discussions on permission, clearing yourself and clearing your space after completing a reading, as well as the last step in a reading – grounding your energy so that you feel refreshed when you complete a reading! 

Hourly Schedule

Monday July 11 Retreat Intention

3:00 - 5:00

Tuesday July 12 Akashic Spiritual Team Member for Yourself

9:00 - 4:00

Wednesday July 13 Akashic Reading for Others

9:00 - 4:00

Thursday July 14 Practice Readings with feedback Re-entry clearing and grounding

9:00 - 11:00


Aug 11 - 14 2023




Caitlin & Cindy Collaboration




Caitlin and Cindy