Do you nap?

Were you Dog-Tired after a big Thanksgiving meal?

Did you nap?

I bet most of us did!

I used to be a non-believer in the benefits of napping. I thought of napping as something one did when sick or as one got much older. When I started to work at home, I had the time and a really restful environment, my bedroom, for napping. It was a no brainer to try a new habit, so I did! I added in a four-minute self-hypnosis recording that I listen to at the beginning of each nap. I know that listening to the recording makes my naptime longer than recommended, but I appreciate the benefits. Adding twenty to thirty minutes of self-care to my day has been amazing for me!

Did you know that Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were nappers? I found this information on the internet. Is it true? I do not know, but if I continue to nap perhaps, I will become a world class thinker too! You never know. The benefits of napping are relaxation, increased creativity, and improved mood. I have noticed these benefits!

One of the ‘rules’ of beneficial napping is to be mindful of your nap’s duration. Not too much, not too little. I find that a nap of 10-20 minutes is best. The classic ‘power nap’.

The next rule is to pick the best time of day for your nap. You don’t want to nap too late in the day lest your nap time interferes with your night’s sleep. My rule of thumb is eight hours before my bedtime and no later. For me, this works out to be early afternoon before 2 o’clock pm. This is the time when afternoon drowsiness hits most of us; after lunch and right around the time we start to think about snacking or taking a walk because we need a break.

The third and the most important one I think, is to pick the right environment for your nap. I am TOTALLY in love with my bedroom and my bed. My down comforter, my incredible cashmere and wool

blankets, and lastly my great pillows. I also use a sound machine. All my naptime comfort items. Be sure to pick the environment that is right for you.

It’s early afternoon and I am just finishing up this blog. The power of suggestion. Getting drowsy and I think I am ready for my nap now!

What about you… do you enjoy napping?

Big Hugs and Much Love,