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Serving Humans and Our Animal Companions

Deeply connected to the energy of truth and committed to helping others in understanding and accepting all the layers of love through improved energy systems.


Healing Offerings

Healing Work for Humans: Customized virtual sessions that are tailored to address your specific challenges. Whether you are feeling stuck, blocked, afraid, or simply craving a shift in energy, we will meet so that together we can discover the root of your feelings. Through years of experience, my intuition, and learned techniques, I will analyze the energy surrounding you, and we will create a path to healing to best serve you.

Coaching: Coaching is the development of a relationship where we learn to better understand you. Often those seeking coaching sessions are those who are looking to go deeper into their lives to create forward and positive momentum. Coaching sessions can be for the business owner, the seeker who is looking to evolve, or the person who is struggling with medical challenges and unsure of their next step.

Healing Work for Animals: Customized virtual sessions for our animal companions. Similar to Human Sessions, I utilize the same modalities and tools to discover the the presence of imbalanced energy within your pet.

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