Zero Balancing Happenings

Zero Balancing Happenings…

The Zero Balancing Teacher Training (ZBTT) program started this year. I was accepted into the program in March.

I am so excited to have this opportunity to grow as a teacher, practitioner and individual.

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a holistic body-mind therapy. One of the ZB practitioner’s guiding principles is to engage the client’s structure and energy consciously and simultaneously at Interface.  When a person is touched at Interface there is a clear structural and energetic boundary.  It allows the client to feel where his/her body ends, and the practitioner’s body begins.  This Interface touch is unique to Zero Balancing. 

I am looking forward to sharing ZB with Healing Way Center.  For students……. I will be able to offer Zero Balancing I and II to the community.  I LOVE learning and then sharing it with others.  As I develop relationships with more of the ZB faculty, Healing Way Center will benefit by having the opportunity to host a greater variety of classes. You will have many choices. Here are two ZB classes being offered later this year…

For clients…. I have been doing body and energy work for a long time.  This program will take my mastery of touch and energy to the next level. I look forward to bringing this to our sessions.

ZBTT students need to practice, practice, practice, but we are spread across North America. As a result, we are doing virtual ZB sessions! I have done virtual Zero Balancing sessions with my clients for a long time, and find the body of work translates well to distant sessions. Let me explain how a virtual ZB session works. 

Following the same protocol; I ask them to sit on a table or chair at their location. I stand by my table and do the initial evaluation. Sometimes I close my eyes and through my hands feel the energy of how my client’s body is responding. I invite the person to lay down. I ask them to place a pillow under their head and a cover over their body if they tend to get cold.  With the person on speakerphone, I tell them where I am working on their body. I invite them to participate so they can have a sense of touch. I may ask them to put their hands on the front of their hips and exert pressure down toward the table…..hold it, hold it, hold it…..then let go. I follow the protocol and engage with each section of the client’s body. Clients receiving a virtual ZB session report feeling relaxed and peaceful at the end of the session. Many report that their physical concerns have dissipated as well.

I hope this has piqued your interest. Keep an eye out for more!

Big Hugs and Much Love,