The Wise Man

wise man

I love short stories that share a lesson. Here is a recent one I especially appreciate:

The Wise Man
A frequent visitor of the wise man complained about the same problem time and time again. One day the wise man told his visitor a joke, and the visitor roared in laughter. A couple of minutes later, he told the same joke. This time the visitor only smiled. When he told the same joke a third time the visitor just looked perplexed.
The wise man smiled at the visitor and asked: “You can’t laugh at the same joke over and over, so why are you complaining about the same problem?”


This made me sit up and pay more attention to what I talk about with others.

Do I repeat the same stories over and over? Am I attached to the situation? Am I part of the problem or part of the solution?

Sometimes I’m mindful and aware of any attachment but at other times not so much. What could I do about this I wondered? Well, if I could be mindful and catch myself in the moment, I could stop repeating myself I thought. This sounded easy enough. I put this into practice to find out.

In one situation, I didn’t catch myself repeating my story in the moment but remembered that I had several hours later. Darn it! In another situation, I had someone tell me that I had already told them the story. I did not have any memory of this. Darn again! This was proving tough.

I needed to change my strategy. I got an idea!  I decided to set the intention to speak about the challenge and resolution in the same sentence.

This seems to work much better. I now find myself not just telling the story but taking the situation in a more positive direction. The ‘action’ is letting the energy out of any desire to repeat the story. I have my fingers crossed that this will keep working. Will keep you posted!

Big Hugs and Much Love,