Wisdom of the Box

I have four cats! The moment I sit down in my recliner and put a blanket on my lap, I can have one or all four ready to sit with me. I believe they love the blanket more than my lap. It is just that most of the time my lap and a blanket are connected. Love our cuddling time.

The cats have their play time before their am and pm meals. It satisfies their hunting instinct, gives them exercise and for one of them it has helped trim down her belly. They are given abundant things to interact with and stimulate their curiosity. I find it most interesting that they have all these different types of toys and comfy beds, but over all of these they will choose to hide in an empty box with packing paper.

What is up with that? What is it about the box thing?

I want to understand. I close my eyes and use my imagination. I see myself being in the box. It reminds me of covering my head in bed with the covers. It is comforting. It is quiet. It is dark. I can feel myself relaxing and settling down. I am warmer. This is all good.

As I continue my imagining, I want to see out of the box. It is quiet. There is something with the top of the box being close to my eyes that makes the light not as bright. It is definitely warmer than the comfy cat beds on the floor because there is no draft. From my box I can be more aware of the movement of the other cats around me and since some of us do not get along….it is safer.

I have another thought…..I played in boxes as a kid and used my imagination then to turn them into castles and stores. These were fun feelings. For the cats and I, a box helps create positive feelings.

What do you seek out to help you create feelings of comfort, safety, joy or other desirable emotion?

What is your box?

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