transformation curiosity


I am always looking for the ways and means to unlock transformation for my students, clients, and myself. Curiosity is an incredibly supportive component of this process.

When I embrace curiosity, it creates an internal environment where I feel safe with innovative ideas. Curiosity increases my willingness to take a risk and challenge the current way I think and do things. Curiosity helps me ask questions that cultivate thoughtful reflection. This is critical for growth and change.

Most of the great discoveries throughout history were the result of curiosity. Our scientists, inventors, and artists have influenced the world by being open to possibilities. It could be said they were all thinking outside the box. They challenged assumptions and sought new perspectives.

The Process

The process I use to unlock my own transformation starts with questions that arise from what I have learned about the situation. I am very aware of what is challenging me. I want to find a way to change, modify or adapt so that this “thing” stops taking a lot of my emotional and mental energy.

My next step is acknowledging any fears I may have that are associated with honest answers. Perhaps honesty involves acknowledging that I have not behaved in the most mature way or have said things that were unkind. When I focus my awareness on the energy of these fears, I own and release them. They no longer hold me back. I can let go of any hesitation around the fear of being judged or losing people as friends. This requires my courage.

The last step in the process involves listening to my inner connection with my core self. I need to double-check that my inner world and my actions are reflecting the result of a new viewpoint that better serves me. This is the incredibly beautiful place where expansion and transformation really begin.

Ready for the honest answers?