Think Like a Cat


Cat Interactions: I LOVE watching my cats’ play. It reminds me to be inquisitive, curious, and

willing to take a risk with unfamiliar things and situations. There are times that one of them steps into the others space. There is then a “back off” situation.

Interestingly, one of them does back off. They then go back to playing as though nothing happened. Wonder why we humans don’t do this?

I find my feelings and emotions feed my actions. On a good day I am easy going and able to step out of the way and let the energy of the situation go. I am patient and understanding that they are having a bad day and need some room to express their negative mojo. The energy does not stick to me.

I do not get hung up on the thoughts of “they” started it. Why can’t they let it go? Why do they always have to do it the hard way?

These thoughts and emotions when they get activated are just about one of the hardest things to dissolve and move on. I want to be like my cats and go back to what each of us were doing. I want to let the “position of being right” go away. I find that the energy of the situation is sometimes sticky.

How to unstick?

I know one of the things I do is pause. The next thing is to say to myself, how do I want this interaction to end? If its with someone that I love, I want harmony and respect. This does not mean I totally back down. It just means I will choose my words and actions carefully to maintain the goal of harmony and respect.

Harmony for the relationship and respect for myself, the other person, and the relationship.

Come to think of it. This is what I want for all interactions. A goal of harmony and respect. So Pause…..ask yourself how do you want this interaction to end?

I wonder if this is what cats think and then do?

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