The Energy of Old


I’ve been watching American Pickers on the History channel. I am loving the details and the individuals that the two hosts bring to the show. I appreciate the respect they show for the items as well as the stories that get told about the person they are “picking”.

I have always liked old things, knowing where they come from, and how they were treated. It amplifies my respect for the lives of the people who owned them, and my appreciation for the ways in which they lived.

I have a mix of these items in my home. I have an antique RCA radio/phonograph combo in a beautiful wooden cabinet as big as a desk. I repurposed this as a table to hold the items that represent my relationship with my husband. Needless to say, it is special.

There are two needlepoint chairs that hold places of honor in the area at my front door foyer. They are too small for most people to comfortably sit in, but the energy of these beautiful chairs invites and welcomes people into my home. One of them came from my husband’s grandmother. 

I have several antique Tibetan pendants. I admire their silverwork and unique turquoise colors. Each time I wear one of them I am transported to another part of the world. Especially if the event I am wearing the pendant to is part of my Tibetan Bon practice. 

Another of my very special items is a China baby doll that was my mom’s. She is dressed in an outfit that my mom made for her after her original clothing deteriorated. I guess this old item shows that you must treat items gently or they will not last.

Appreciating old is not just limited to things, I also appreciate the older individuals in my life. They have stories. They have been places. Their viewpoint is based on eighty plus years of being on this planet. Sometimes I can’t understand where they are coming from but if I listen patiently, it eventually becomes clear.

My takeaway from the ‘old’ things and the people in my life is that there is much to be gained from taking the time to see, hear and feel the energy of their history and to give them a special place in my world – until it is time to pass their wisdom on to others.

Do you have a relationship with the energy of old?

Big Hugs and Much Love,