Healing Intentions

Healing Intention Alter

Healing Intentions  I believe in the energy of healing intentions. There are so many factors involved in healing. I do not think we totally understand how they all work together. We do understand the basics. For example, we know that nutrition, sleep, and exercise are important to the healing process. Beyond the fundamentals, it has […]


Listening to Healing

Healing is a word whose definition I think has several facets. There is the physical meaning of the word which is all about the body getting back to the way it was before an injury. We are all familiar with this. We get a cut and we know to prepare for the scab and the possible scar […]

Healing Energy of Forgiveness

Date: Saturday, January 8, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm EST. Class Fee: $100. Location: THIS CLASS WILL BE HELD VIRTUALLY USING ZOOM WEB CONFERENCING. To Register: Call Cindy Mattingly at 978-269-7799 or email cindy@cindymattingly.com. We tend to want to blame the other person when a situation goes wrong. ‘They’ did this or that and you […]



Blessings I have recently found myself having many conversations around gratitude and blessings. I want to share some of my thoughts on the importance of having this vibration in your life.   My awareness around this topic was heightened as I prepared for the Energy Mastery Series 1 workshop. During this workshop, we shared how […]