Anatomy of Consciousness


Consciousness One of my favorite books of all time is Power vs Force: An Anatomy of Consciousness by Dr. David R Hawkins. It is important to understand how Dr. Hawkins defines power and force. Force is experienced through the senses while Power is recognized only through inner awareness. Each is a different level of consciousness, […]

Raise Your Vibe

Instructors: Caitlin Marino and Cindy Mattingly. Class Length: 1/2 Day.Day 1: Saturday, February 5, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.Class Fee: $150.Location: THIS CLASS WILL BE HELD VIRTUALLY USING ZOOM WEB CONFERENCING.To Register: Call Cindy Mattingly at 978-269-7799 or email In this workshop we will share methods you can use to free up your energy […]