Gift of Spring

spring bird nest

A Gift of Spring

Spring Reflections

I love New England’s seasons. There is beauty in each one of these expressions of nature.

Summer is lovely with its heat and humidity. It reminds me of working in the garden on the family farm in Kentucky.

Fall is an experience of color and the sounds of crisp leaves rustling in the wind. The sun is warm, but the air is chilly. Time for a jacket.

Winter is filled with breathtaking snowy vistas. The sound of silence is magnified by the partnership of snow and cold. The fireplace inside is very inviting.

The season coming next – slowly but surely – is Spring. It brings its own personality of changing daylight and the smells of the earth defrosting. I live on a lake and the small creatures are already getting busy. The birds are super active. I see them gathering items for their nests. Of course, they stop by my bird feeders. I watch them play in the heated birdbath. I want only the best for my animal friends.

There is nothing like stepping outside and having the promise of the spring sun touch my face. It has a warm refreshing energy that is hard to express but boy do you recognize it when you feel it. I think this Spring is especially welcome because of the reduced interactions we have had with friends and loved ones. It is good to have the energy of spring around. It causes everyone to smile more. I am deeply thankful that we are receiving this gift of Spring.

May you feel the warmth and the embrace of the coming Spring.

May it kindle the desire to go out into nature.

May it bring a smile to your face.

Big Hugs and Much Love,