Something New!

Check it out….a new look!!!!

New Year’s resolutions…. I really enjoy contemplating new ways to up my game in my life.

Last year I resolved to practice 4 hours of silence weekly. This was great because I noticed how quiet my mind became. I was able keep this resolution going through Thanksgiving, but the last 6 weeks did not work due to holiday chaos. The experiment is over, but I’m going to keep the practice going! It was very successful!

This year my resolution is to try a new thing each week. During my time off for the holidays, I tried several new things. All of them were drinkable 😉

Matcha Green Tea

I love my Matcha Green Tea. It is my preferred drink. I usually do not drink anything else. I have tried many different Matcha teas and LOVE the Rishi brand. However, in 2024 I am willing to try new beverage experiences!

If you would like to try Rishi Matcha Super Green, it can be purchased from several online vendors.

Mangosteen Peel

My first new beverage… This was a gift from Belize – thanks Jenny! I drank it hot. Yummy. It was dessert in a cup, and healthy!

Here is a link to the health benefits of Mangosteen Peel

Sticky Situations

This “new thing” comes from the generosity of Jayne… big hugs!!!

This hot drink started with loose chamomile leaves which make a lovely tea. Then came a choice between two different honey flavors – blackberry and lavender. I dowsed which of the two to try and ended up going with the lavender honey! The combination of chamomile

and lavender make for a totally wonderful experience! Chillaxing!!!

The vendor sells a variety of teas and honey

Brewed Cacao

This drink is brewed like coffee from ground roasted cocoa beans. Talk about something new! I learned how to use a French press too. I added sugar to my cup. Unbelievable. You must be careful because it is way too easy to fix another cup!  Eva gave this to me after she attended a class… many thanks!!!

So far I have been enjoying my “new thing” resolution. I am learning and loving how ‘tasty’ these new experiences are. Cannot wait for next week!

Big Hugs and Much Love,