Simply mindful

Do you find it difficult to switch from “getting it done” mode (spoken with a southern twang) to “just chilling and hanging out”?

I think most people are so “on” that they do not realize that they are stuck there.

I am noticing my own tendency to get restless when things are quiet. I used to love reading a book all day. I have not done this in forever. Even my meditation practice has started to require music or guided visualization to help me stay in my inner space. Interesting…

I recently read this on a website on mindfulness….” Are you mindful or is your mind full?”

I immediately thought….” Bingo!” This is what is going on for me. Too much is going on in my head. Next thought….” How do I change this?”

This is what I know about mindfulness.

Mindfulness makes use of all your senses – your eyes, ears, nose, mouth for tasting and skin for touching to bring you back to the present moment through connection with the experience.

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present; to be aware of where you are right now; to be conscious of what you are doing right now. It cultivates the skill of not being overwhelmed by what’s going on.

Mindfulness is a practice where you keep bringing yourself back to this moment over and over again.

These are just words. I do better when there are examples.

Let’s add some very specific examples:

  • Take a pause and breathe before answering the phone.
  • While eating, pause and notice what you are experiencing through your senses.
  • When you get in your car and put your seatbelt on, before starting the car…pause and close your eyes for a few moments.
  • Express gratitude and joy for simple pleasures
  • Notice each step of a routine activity like cooking or cleaning.

Pause….Breathe…. Notice….

Big Hugs and Much Love,