Season of Change

Here in New England, the season is switching from summer to fall. The breezes are cooler, and the sun rises later and sets earlier – so there is less light. I find this seasonal change a little challenging. I get cold easily, so I have already started wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts. One of the things that help to keep me balanced are practices based on the Ayurvedic viewpoint.

I am really drawn to the Ayurvedic doshas to guide me through this change. I like the practical approach. There are three doshas – vata, pitta, and kapha. The vata season runs from late fall into early winter, the kapha season is from the coldest part of winter into spring, and the pitta season includes the hottest and longest days of the year from late spring into early fall. Understanding each seasonal influence on your primary dosha helps to navigate the changes in weather with ease. You may not know your dosha, but you may recognize some dosha attributes that speak to you!

My constitution is vata. This means that dry and cool are the most common characteristics. This is the dosha of change which shows up as dry skin, irregular digestion, and my tendency to be easily depleted and overwhelmed with all the holiday action. To keep myself in balance I avoid raw, cold foods and prepare lots of warm soups. I also keep warm with a cup of chai or hot tea and a comfortable blanket.

The next dosha, kapha, begins in the frigid winter days when the ground is frozen and continues into the muddy days of spring as the snow melts. This season describes the wet, gooey, and heavy nature of the kapha dosha. It is important to keep this dosha moving. If you are a kapha, get up early and exercise before 10 am. This will help you avoid caving to the desire to skip your workout. Bump up your intake of vegetables and enjoy them with spices like chili, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, and cumin.

The final dosha, pitta is about heat, intensity, and passion. If you are a pitta, it is especially important to manage your internal heat.

Cucumbers, mint, and aloe vera are helpful cooling influences. Coconut oil is very cooling for the skin. It is important not to be out in the middle of the hottest part of the day. Too much heat will overwhelm.

I hope this helps each one of you navigate this season of change.

Big Hugs and Much Love,