Reflections on Permission

Reflections on Permission

Permission: Understanding how energy works in our physical world is one of my passions. I enjoy hunting down information about the science of energy and connecting it to my experience of how energy healing operates.

I enjoy teaching about energy concepts in my workshops. I believe that as we come to understand the workings of what we call reality, we have more ease navigating and being in the flow of our lives.

The musing for today is about having Permission. It is a fundamental must to request this of a person when offering to work in their energy field.

This reflection is not about passing judgment or shaming or blaming. It is something to ponder.

Must I have the person’s actual physical permission, or can I dowse it? Ask their higher self? Can a parent give it for their child?

I have had many of my teachers tell me that Permission can be given by the other person’s higher self. I must tell you that I have a lot of clarity, but my mind can be tricky. My answer can be influenced by how badly I want to “help”. I can be in a roundabout way pushing my desire or opinion onto the other person. I believe this carries a karmic charge. At least this is how I look at karma. It is a leftover charge from this or other lifetimes (depending on your belief system of how the world works). It works just like any charge that is positive or negative. It influences energy in one direction or another.

Now, back to Permission… so let us look at what Permission means. It means consent. The person is giving consent for energy work. Do they know what that means? Most people do not and if they do not know, trust, or understand then the answer usually No.

One of the ways I work with Permission is by offering energy to the “situation”. For example, when I travel on an airplane, I offer it to the whole plane not to the individuals (from whom I do not have permission). I feel that I can offer it to the situation because I am part of it.

I hope this has been a useful start to your own musings on the topic of Permission.