Pet Reiki: Grace

By: Caitlin Marino

This past May our beloved family dog, a 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier named Grace, encountered a poisonous Bufo frog while in Florida with my parents. My father rushed her to the animal hospital but her outlook was poor. The vet had informed him that 90% of all dogs who encounter these frogs are dead upon arrival and those that survive are typically larger dogs.

I immediately contacted Healing Way Center with the hope that the Pet Reiki practitioners could help little Gracie survive. By 2pm Grace was up and eating and she was released the next day without complication. The vet was shocked by what a swift and complete recovery Grace made. Grace bounced back from this experience and spent the next 5 months seeming happier and younger than she had been previously. I am certain that this story would have ended differently without the quick and masterful work of the Healing Way Center Pet Reiki team. This experience served as affirmation that Reiki has the power not only to heal, but to create resilience and ease in outcome and experience.

Last week, as I was leaving my parents’ home, I bent down to say goodbye to Grace and something told me to spend some extra time with her. I gave her a little bit of Reiki, thanked her, kissed her and said goodbye, knowing that I would not see this big dog in her little body again. The following Monday she passed, as we all hope our beloved pets will, in her sleep with peace and ease. My sincerest thanks to the Healing Way Center Pet Reiki team for helping my pooch survive, recover, bounce back and live her final days with the vitality of her youth…and to Reiki for supporting her to leave us with grace.