Pajama Wisdom

I just finished my annual 2-week holiday vacation. I just love the unwinding and unplugging. My adventures always include trying new recipes and reading a new book every day. I don’t need to go somewhere ‘away’ during my time off. I do ‘staycation’ really well.
This year I tried something new. I stayed in my pajamas all day every day (with appropriate changes of course!). I wanted to see if this would get me into vacation mode faster, quicker, and easier.
Here is what I noticed: First, I felt excited to be trying something new. There was a feeling of doing something crazy and outside of the norm. There was a feeling of freedom. I wondered if people would judge me if they knew. Then I had the thought that maybe others already know about this crazy “staying in pajamas” thing. Maybe it was just me discovering this way of relaxing. While I did put on outdoor clothes to take my walks, I immediately put my pajamas back on when I got home. I found myself laughing about how happy I was to wear pajamas all the time. I have always enjoyed good, yummy pajamas. Now, I was joyfully making sure that I rotated my pajamas so that all of them got worn.
What did I learn about this little vacation experiment?
First, I realized I need to put more thought into future purchases of the “right” pajamas. The color and the material definitely matter. I am not sure it was the pajamas or just doing something outside of my routine that made each day fun and relaxing. Definitely, there was more relaxation energy with this vacation. This was a vacation for the inner me.