Our Energy Journey Begins….

Energy Journey Begins….

Caitlin and I hope you can join us for the free Energy Series 1 workshop on July 19. We thought it would be helpful to share how our journey together started.

Cindy shares…  In 2005, an extremely sick 25-year-old client was referred to me by my clinic’s Naturopathic physician for CranioSacral Therapy. The client had tried many things in an effort to regain her health after being poisoned in a bar in Boston. The referring physician thought my ability to work with the nervous system might jump start the young lady’s healing.

This young lady was Caitlin.

I have worked with people sick and dying. The key to working with anyone in this state is to not judge the sickness but to hold the space for possibility and potential. Caitlin could not drive herself, so her mom brought her to her session. They both carried the energy of fear and desperation. It was a challenge to hold onto my neutrality and listen to their story. I know that healing happens when it is given space to occur. Over the course of Caitlin’s treatment, she received CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and other bodywork modalities. At times Caitlin could not tolerate physical touch, so I included energy work modalities. The treatment plan worked. It did take time, but it was a beautiful experience to witness the unfolding of this incredible person who is meant to help others.

This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship where I have been Caitlin’s practitioner, coach, teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend.

Caitlin shares… When I first met Cindy, I was extremely sick and close to death. I had never experienced energy work before and I was very doubtful that it would help me. I had tried allopathic medical doctors and specialists, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture. This was my final attempt to regain my health. I was desperate to feel better and to live. 

I could tell that Cindy was highly intuitive from the start of my first session. I had told the story of my health crisis to many people over the previous five months and I did not want to tell it again. Cindy seemed to know this without my having to voice it. She told me she sensed I just wanted to get on her table. She got right to work. 

After ten minutes on Cindy’s treatment table I was drenched in sweat and asking her to turn down the heat. “This is not a heated table. That is your body’s reaction to the energy” were her words. I did not understand what she was doing, but I knew I when I walked out of her room, that I felt better than I had in months. I knew this was the way I would heal. I wanted to know as much as I possibly could about this work that was impacting me so profoundly. At my next session I started to ask questions and I do not think I have ever stopped. 

I continued to receive sessions from Cindy, to ask my questions and to read the books she recommended. I was like a sponge taking everything in. When I was well enough, I signed up to take Reiki I with her. This started the first of many years of training in many different energy modalities with Cindy and other teachers. 

Over the years Cindy has been a constant, dependable, and integral practitioner in my support team. She has been a trustworthy teacher with uncompromising integrity and has always wanted the best for me. She has been a kind and generous friend. Now, we embark on our journey together as colleagues. Our intention is to empower others by sharing our combined knowledge through the Energy Mastery Series. It is an honor to share this experience with the woman who saved my life and who has shone the light on my path since we met in 2005.

Big Hugs and Much Love,