Signature Classes

Here is the new thing for this week…….

Usually, I have my teaching schedule done early fall. I kept drafting something, but it never dowsed as right. I asked one of my intuitive friends. She told me that I was already teaching the way I was to teach in 2024…. private single classes.

I love that she was spot on even though I had not told her a thing. I currently have six people that are taking classes 1:1. How cool is that! All each of them did was ask if there was a way to learn the topic, they were interested in….That easy!!!! These are the classes that I am teaching right now.


Your Lifetime Mission and Your Akashic Records Wisdom


AngelLinks, Lightarian Rays and Lightarian Reiki

Advanced Training

Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master

Here is the current list of classes:

Cindy Signature Classes


  • Your Lifetime Mission
  • Your Soul Type and Energy
  • Your Karmic Account
  • Your Relationships and Lessons
  • Your Akashic Records Wisdom

The Energy Of

  • Forgiveness
  • Manifestation
  • Anxiety Healing
  • Electromagnetic Wellness
  • Self-Love
  • Protection

 Lightarian Institute Classes

Angel Track

  • Lightarian AngelLinks
  • Lightarian AngelLinks Extensions
  • Lightarian Purification Rings

Ascended Master Track

  • Lightarian Rays
  • Lightarian Ray Extensions (prerequisites apply)
  • Lightarian Clearings

Lightarian Buddhic Track

  • Lightarian Reiki Master (Usui Reiki Master required)
  • Lightarian Ascension Bands

 Advanced Training 

Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master 

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master

Big Hugs and Much Love,