My introduction to the Taoist teachings

My introduction to the Taoist teachings

by Cindy Mattingly

Healing Way Center has this exceptional event coming up May 5 and 6th of 2018

Living a Balanced Life: Ancient Taoist Wisdom for Modern Lifestyles with Dr. Eva Wong and Dr. Carolyn Krusinski

My introduction to the Taoist teachings started with a workshop called Tao of Living a Balanced Life presented Dr Wong and Dr Krusinski in April 2016.  It was a one day workshop at the Boston Shambhala Center.

It really spoke to me to hear that Taoist tradition offers guidance and that I am expected to do my part by making the effort through body and mind practices.  Having good physical health and an open mind helps a person balance the aspects of their life more effectively.  A good body practice can enhance an awareness of energy in the body.   One of the tools for this type of practice is Qigong

At this April workshop I experienced several Qigong exercises.  I did not really understand or experience energy shifts during the workshop but afterwards ……..

The experiences were remarkable based on the fact that it was a one day workshop and we only did a few Qigong exercises.  First, I had an awareness of multi-dimensional energy.  Even as I write it, it sounds weird but these are the only words I can find to describe the experience.  It was like being in a fun house with the funky mirrors.  I did not see the energy but had a “gut” reaction and a certainty when talking to a person.  Odd and cool ……all in one moment.  The other awareness was that my intuition improved in the ease and accuracy of the information.  It really helped with my private practice session outcomes.

I immediately signed up when a weekend and a retreat were offered in July 2017.  I wanted to know more and to explore what a level one Qigong practice would look like.

I can only say life changing……more clarity…..more focus…..and without a doubt….. Better physical energy awareness.

Hope these reflections create curiosity in you!!!!

Big Hugs and Love