Intuition and Ego

Intuition and Ego

Intuition & Ego 

I love to teach about Intuition. I think of intuition as internal energy with wisdom. Unlike ego, intuition does not have an opinion, it is just truth.

When I first started to pay attention to the different energies of intuition and ego that I felt inside me, I became curious as to where these energies were coming from. I came to understand that the internal chaos and contradictory messages were simply stemming from distinct parts of my consciousness. I can struggle when I do not know how to tell the difference between these two energies and deal with them appropriately.

Because intuition deals with truth, I may not like the information I get, but it is true regardless. Ego on the other hand is all about perceived danger and is less concerned with truth. It is important to know that having an ego is good. Everyone needs an ego to participate in the world. The ego’s main job is to protect you. However, our egos are heavily influenced by the world around us. The society and culture we grew up in, our past experiences, and our fears can give our egos excess ammunition to work with! So, the ego can become overdeveloped.

How do we balance these two energies?

The best way to use intuition is to set the ego aside and deal with what ‘is’ without getting caught up in what we want or think it should be. Our intuition gives us the opportunity to tame the ego so that it serves us, rather than our serving it.

How do you know which energy or voice is speaking?

 I notice that each energy carries a different internal experience. Intuition carries a feeling coming from our heart or gut. Ego on the other hand is driven from our heads.

When we are in touch with our intuition, we worry and stress less knowing that we have a source of divine knowing inside us. Your intuition is here to guide you throughout your life.

Listen carefully and it will change your relationship with the world around you.