Integrity is a quality I really value.

I believe most people think of integrity as something you display in relation to your actions with others. For example, you are honest in your dealings, or you are gracious when you provide unsolicited assistance. While these aspects are definitely important, the foundational aspect of integrity is inner-directed. It starts with integrity in your dealings with yourself.

Are you aware that you have inner integrity?

Here are some key questions to reflect on before you answer: Are you respectful of your core values? Do your commitments to yourself and your actions match? If you set an important goal, do you follow through? If not, do you hold yourself accountable?

My work as a coach requires that I show up fully for my clients. I make an effort to be 10-15 minutes early for each virtual session. I want to communicate through my energy and actions that I am 100% there for them. Some clients show up late or are unprepared for their session. I want to role model how to be in integrity with yourself and fully present for the possibility of transformation.

Another way I try to show my respect for my clients is by ensuring that all devices I am not using in a session are turned off or are in airplane mode. This is a challenge when I have two computers, two cellphones, and an iPad. The extra time before a session starts gives me the opportunity to make sure all details have been taken care of. I even have a checklist I go through prior to each session.

A quality of integrity I work hard on cultivating, and one that is much appreciated by my clients, is the quality of patience. Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delays. It is the ability to ‘deal’ when things get in the way without getting upset or angry. We are all human. We all make mistakes. When a client is working on changing internal commitments, they are breaking a lifetime of habits. This takes time and understanding.

Patience is a two-way street. Sometimes, for example, life gets in the way, and I forget to run through all my session preparations. Thank goodness my clients are forgiving and that my forgetfulness only happens occasionally. I appreciate their patience!

I try to be patient with myself. This allows me to be in integrity and practice what I coach.

How about you?