Holding Space for Yourself and Others

As I started writing this week’s Magic Mondays – Holding Space for Yourself and Others – I found myself really caught up in contemplating the concepts of Holding Space as they apply to myself!

I love what I do. I deeply enjoy sharing what I have learned through my trainings and experiences. This being said… I have an intuitive sense that what I do and how I do it is changing. I have been hesitating to allow the changes to happen because I have been treating and teaching for such a long time. It is a well-worn and well-loved path. But, I need to hold the space for change to happen.

As I hold space for myself, I think back on the almost 40 Magic Mondays I have done over the past year. Lots of information about a variety of topics that are now posted on my YouTube channel. The interactions and discussions that arose from our topics are now available to many people. This is good.

As I hold space for myself, I reflect on the 100 plus blogs that I have written around my personal contemplations, my sense of reality, and how the world organizes itself. All written out of a desire to facilitate others in their own contemplations around the puzzling things that happen in each of our lives. I have received so many beautiful emails telling me that the blog was meaningful. This is incredibly good.

As I hold space for myself, I realize that I have been sending out Weekly Wisdom newsletters since 2013. Boy, time flies when I am having fun! There have been 380 Weekly Wisdom newsletters over the 8 years. That is a lot. Fantastically good!

As I hold space for myself and use the energetic components of ‘gentle and nonjudgmental energetic qualities’, the realization emerges that it is time to let go of these ways of communicating so that I may open the creative space for something new. 

What this means in the near term is that: March 24th will be the Weekly Wisdom newsletter and blog’s final one. Magic Mondays will stop at the end of April.

I don’t know what the future will bring, but I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds. Please stay tuned!

Big Hugs and Much Love,