Healing Intentions

healing intentions

I believe in the energy of healing intentions.

There are so many factors involved in healing. I do not think we totally understand how they all work together. We do understand the basics. For example, we know that nutrition, sleep, and exercise are important to the healing process. Beyond the fundamentals, it has been my experience that when a person has a clear intention, there is a laser focus of healing energy. When the intention is centered and clear, extraneous, and distracting thoughts and feelings are pushed aside. Only the energy is left. The collective healing energy field is accessed. This is when the healing process really starts cooking!

“If Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha had had penicillin, they probably would have used it…. along with prayer.”      From Prayer is Good Medicine by Larry Dossey, MD

I want to give everyone the opportunity to access the collective healing energy field. This field is powerful. I believe this energy becomes available to us through the use of Reiki grids, healing intentions and prayer circles. These are forms of nondirected healing. Nondirected healing approaches are open-ended. No specific outcome was sought other than the highest possible resolution. The nondirected approach arises from the understanding that we do not really know what the highest possible resolution for a given person is. If we get specific, we may limit the possibilities. These approaches are about letting it happen verses making it happen. If we leave the door open to the greatest healing possibilities, miracles can occur.

There is a type of person in whose mind God is always mixed up with vitamins – Manly P. Hall

I occasionally offer to clients to put their name or the name of a person they are concerned about on my “Healing Intentions” list. My approach to this in the past has been pretty casual. I want to make it official.

Send an email to cindy@cindymattingly.com with “Healing Intention List” in the subject line. Please put the name of the person and the reason for the healing request (keep it simple) I will put the request on my “official” healing intention list. I chant one mala in Tibetan of Tse Dup ( Soul Healing) daily. Your request will stay there on the list.

Looking forward to connecting with healing intentions from around the world.

Big Hugs and Much Love,