This is the time of year when giving is a topic of conversation.

Generosity is a multi-faceted quality. It can be shown through the act of holding a door open or letting someone merge in front of you when you are waiting in a line of traffic. It is shared with others in what you say to them. It is not so much a complement but an acknowledgement of another person when you tell them that you too wish you had the commitment to teach someone else to read. You are being generous when you tell them that you know it takes an extra effort to give of yourself and your time.

The contemplation of generosity can be an internal process for meditation. We are not often generous with ourselves. Another word for generosity is kindness. As you give yourself the space for meditation or journaling ask the question: where can I be kind to myself? You know that when you are generous and kind with yourself, it is easier to be aware of opportunities to offer this experience to others. It lifts your thoughts and allows you to be more tolerate of others and their “humanness.”

I think a profound example of generosity is anonymously donating to a family in need or leaving a meal on their front porch because you heard that they are having financial troubles. You do it not for recognition but out of a heartfelt desire to lighten another’s load.

It is important to give because acts of generosity are like acts of love. Giving comes from the heart. It demonstrates caring and cultivates connection. We all want to feel that someone cares.

Big Hug and Much Love


Check out this wonderful three-minute video about generosity. It is worth every second!