Reflections on Freedom 

I am writing this on the afternoon of the 4th of July as I watch my neighbors participate in a boat parade on the lake. I am sure there will be a great display of fireworks tonight. There are lots of cookouts happening – people visiting friends and family. I feel grateful that we can each celebrate this holiday in a way that is individually meaningful. Pretty cool to have this freedom!

As I reflect on the state of affairs across the world, I appreciate the fact that people in many places and situations don’t have the same options. There may not be enough solid housing or employment to support a family. There may not be the abundance of food that we all take for granted at our 4th of July cookouts. For many, there is instead an environment of unrest and lack of safety.

The above are physical examples of how freedom or lack of freedom shows up in each of our different worlds. I believe that no matter the good or bad our physical situation it is our individual worldview that ultimately determines how successful we are in navigating these situations.

I think everything happens for a reason. There are no accidents. All events are lessons sent my way as opportunities to learn and evolve. I find this mindset helps me ride the up and down waves of life with greater ease. I’m not saying this is easy, but it does bring the next right step into clear focus.

Many people seek comfort. There is nothing wrong with wanting to ease pain, but we only learn in the space of discomfort. I do not think we choose any of the challenging events that come our way, but they are of value.

Ultimate freedom is the gift of choosing how to be okay with and learn from all that happens.

“The illusion of security and the reality of uncertainty” –Unknown