Follow the Energy


Follow the Energy

We often go after what we desire and not necessarily that which is to our highest good and the highest good of those around us. We push toward something we think we need or want and ignore the subtle signs that point us in the direction of the next right step. I often find myself suggesting to my students and clients that they look for these subtle signs – that they ‘follow the energy.’ When they do, they can bring greater ease into their lives.

So how do you “follow the energy”?

First consider how you perceive energy. Do you see it? Hear it? Feel it? Do you just “know what you know”? Your own mode of perception is the first part of your personal formula for following the energy.

I usually start to pay attention to new energy when something repeatedly happens in my daily world – a persistent knock on the door if you will.

I then make note of where the energy is showing up. Is it in my personal world? My work world? My meditation practices. This tells me where I should focus my awareness. I then observe.

I think it is in our human nature to try to have more and to try to do more. We may push and pull at whatever “it” is out of our need to scratch the itch of wanting. When I feel myself pushing, I stop and give myself the quiet space to look clearly at what is going on around me. I slow down and allow the energy to come to me.

I have found that most of us do not make the quiet space we need to sit back and be the observers of our own lives. This is the second part of the formula for following the energy. If we are aware of how we perceive energy if we focus our attention on where the energy is showing up, if we can observe the subtle signs and remain open to our interpretation of them, we will do a better job of finding the right path through life’s many situations and decisions.

Have you created a quiet space to observe?