I would like to update you on how I’m doing with my new Friday ‘four hours of silence’ practice. Four sessions so far in 2023 per my New Year resolution!

You may remember my newsletter on the topic in early January. There I shared my experience of trying out my ‘four hours of silence’ sessions the last two weeks of December. I found that I talked to myself out loud so much it was shocking. The self-talk has decreased and now shows up more at the beginning of the four hours. Now I whisper to myself instead of talking out loud. It’s like I am thinking I won’t hear myself and can say I have stopped talking to myself. Too funny…

A challenge I’ve had with my sessions these past four weeks is bumping into my expectations of how it was going to be.

For example, sticking to my chosen day of Friday has been a tough. Something comes up on Friday and I need to move my silent time to Saturday or Sunday. I like routine and consistency, so this is frustrating. I am chanting….be flexible, be flexible, be flexible….

I also recognized an expectation that this was going to be easy. I am an experienced meditator so being silent is familiar. I imagined the four-hour blocks of silent time as a guilty pleasure. One where I would have my time to do anything I wanted so long as I was silent. Wrong!

I needed to reset my expectations. 

This is how I released the unrealistic expectation that silent time would easy:

  • State the expectation to be released: “I release myself of the expectation that the silent time is easy”
  • Surround the expectation in light – Imagine putting the expectation in a paper bag of light.
  • Transmute the expectation – See yourself burning the paper bag
  • Say out loud: “I have released myself from this expectation”
  • Say out loud: “The only expectation that I have is to trust my truth”

Try this expectation release technique and see what happens. I would love to hear about your experience!

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Big Hugs and Much Love,