Healing Energy of Forgiveness

Date: Saturday, January 8, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm EST.
Class Fee: $100.
To Register: Call Cindy Mattingly at 978-269-7799 or email cindy@cindymattingly.com.

We tend to want to blame the other person when a situation goes wrong. ‘They’ did this or that and you end up feeling slighted, angry, and indignant. Often these emotions are a cover for a deeper sense of hurt or even devastation. The surface emotions may feel justified but holding onto them means holding onto the deeper hut. This is unhealthy for your energy system. Letting go can be scary. If we do it means we have to deal with what is underneath. Like a child with a thorn in a finger, we may have more fear of getting it out than of letting it stay right where it is. It reminds us to never do “it” again. But every time you accidentally hit the thorn it stirs up the anger, resentment, or even rage of being wronged. This is a toxic and unstable situation. When you have this bottled-up energy in your system, you never know when it will blow!

Forgiveness is energy medicine for the body, mind, and soul. The big question is, how does a person get to a place of forgiveness?

In this workshop, I will share ways to release the energy and bring in the forgiveness that will heal on all levels. You will learn how to recognize and set up your own self-care practice to scrub away the wounds and fill the clean space with unconditional self-love and the healing energy of forgiveness.

Forgiveness invites in happiness, decreases depression and anxiety, and increases your ability to experience compassion. Forgiveness is about getting out of a place of blame. It is about finding a place where you can safely experience your uncomfortable emotions and let them pass. It is about you having the right to be healthy, happy, and whole!

Come join us and set up 2022 to be an amazing year of creativity and joy.

About the Instructor:

Cindy Mattingly – I love to empower others. This is where real change, healing and transformation begin. Teaching is the foundation of my life’s work. My goal is first to help you to understand how you can change your path, and then to help you to learn how to create opportunities to do so. When I see this happen… WhoooHooo!!!!. As you experience success, your confidence grows around your own ability to create the life you have always felt was possible.


Jan 08 2022


9:00 am - 12:00 pm








Cindy Mattingly

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