Divine Virtues

Divine Virtues

A virtue is a foundational quality reflecting high moral standards. You can imagine that a divine virtue carries a significant increase in the energetic frequency of that quality. This class is about identifying those qualities that you came in with and those that you want to cultivate. Simply generating this awareness of your divine virtues will raise your vibration.

The energy of Divine Virtues enters our field as a stream of light straight from Source. Specific streams of light influence our expression which we experience as thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Each virtue has a specific vibration and signature. As we move through our lifetimes, we may shut down different virtues in response to our experiences. The decision to shut down a Virtue for the sake of one’s survival in one lifetime may show up as an energetic block in the next lifetime.  In contrast, we may decide to focus on a particular virtue. This magnifies its presentation in that lifetime. Whether we choose to embody virtues or dismiss them informs the quality of the light we shine out into the world.

In this class we will explore fourteen Divine Virtues. First, you will identify the virtues that you came in with that are being expressed in your current lifetime. Then you will dowse to identify an additional beneficial virtue that you will then cultivate. A list of all Divine Virtues will be provided to guide you in the identification of your current and your to-be-cultivated virtue. We will provide you with methods to connect with each virtue; there will be a recommended flower essence to magnify that virtue; and we will identify the spiritual being that will support you in cultivating that virtue.

This class offers a complete guide to take your light to the next level!!!





Mar 12 2022


9:00 am - 12:00 pm




Caitlin & Cindy Collaboration




Cindy Mattingly

Other Organizers

Caitlin Marino