Energy of Inspiration



I am on vacation and am taking the quiet as an opportunity to spend time with my writing. It is perfect! I have no schedule. My husband is taking on the cooking.

My writing is evolving but it is challenging. I come from a background of documenting medical facts that can be checked, confirmed, and validated. On the other hand, my current writings are about my thoughts and the processes that guide me to believe that the world works in a flow of energy. You can see why I might find it challenging to let go of the old and listen to this new way. So, as I write I am working on trusting that I am meant to share what I am putting to” paper.”

I take inspiration for my writings from signs in my day-to-day routine that repeat over and over. For example, yesterday, I pulled tarot cards and talked with two clients. The topic in all three cases was that of blocking your own energy. Paying attention to this repetition, I took this to mean that I am my own block for listening to the inspiration for writing. Reflecting upon this, I can see that I believe, on some level, that I cannot write unless I am presenting facts that can be confirmed versus information that is coming from my sensory experience or perception of the energy of my experience.

Contrary to this belief, however, is my experience of getting many more signs that validate that I was listening to the inspiration correctly when I listen to the signs that show up. This is what I need to pay attention to.

 I need to change my habitual default thinking from an insistence on facts to an acceptance of descriptions of my experience.

I believe the energy of inspiration is my internal guidance showing me how to share my writing and the information I have. This allows me to be of service through Individual coaching sessions, classes, writing blog posts, and publishing my book. Each is an example of the way inspiration facilitates and guides my writing.

Here is a video I hope brings you some inspiration. (Thanks Tonia!)

How does inspiration show up in your world?