Keeping My Vibe High

May each and every one of you have a beautiful December!

Vibe: There is a lot of talk on social media, the news and among neighbors, I pass on my walks about the ‘struggle’. The struggle of the holidays, the virus, and finances due to all of these things. The energy is one of frustration and in some cases anger. I start wondering how I can best keep my ‘vibe’ high in the middle of it all.

My first thoughts are along the lines of knowing that we are all connected. This is why the overwhelming feeling of the struggle is so very present. We are sensing each other’s challenges as well as our own. I know it is easy to sink into heavier emotions and thoughts because heavy pulls a person down. I trust in the resilience of all of us – that we can choose to believe that we can make it – and not only make it but become stronger.

Another way I cultivate my vibe is by not adding to the negativity. I don’t get involved in gossip about others. Rather than yielding to gossip, I keep my words non-judgmental and factual. For example, I’ll say “that person is making a choice to be badly behaved”. I choose to not add to negative energy because what you think and verbalize will magnify the energy that is present around you.

Lastly, this is the season of many spiritual traditions around faith, hope and love. These are immensely powerful virtues that when practiced can and do change the person, their environment, and the world around them. I have faith that these energies are and will see all of us into our next level of this experience called life. May each and every one of you have a beautiful December no matter what your spiritual beliefs.


Big Hugs and Much Love,