Covid Reflections & the Wisdom of Others

I believe there is great wisdom in the experience of others. I have gathered thoughts from my family, friends, and clients who have had COVID as to what behaviors and items they found most helpful, and what they would recommend to others who want to have a ‘COVID kit’ at home. My intention is to help those in our community be prepared!

Helpful Behaviors When Sick with Covid:

  • Keep meals simple
  • Cut out sugar
  • Drink lots of tea
  • Use honey – helps with the cough
  • Hydrate!!!
    • Place your liquid for the day out ahead of time
    • Set a timer to remind you
    • Tonic water
    • Non-carbonated
    • Electrolytes: ‘Nuun Sport’ (Add tablets to water for easy electrolytes) & Vitamin Water
  • Get plenty of sleep
    • Take frequent naps
    • Try using a weighted blanket
  •  Don’t push yourself
    • Do not work
    • Avoid strenuous activity
    • Stay moving and try walking slowly around your house
  • Use delivery services
    • Make sure your pharmacy will deliver!
    • Subscribe to food delivery services: Instacart, Amazon Pantry, Whole Foods, etc.
  • Detox
    • Epsom salts baths
  • Scent therapy
    • Eucalyptus spray on pillow and diffuser
    • Vicks on chest
  • Use Symptom support as needed
    • DayQuil
    • NyQuil
    • Phenergon cough syrup
    • Tylenol
    • Mucinex DM
    • Breathe Right strips
  • Use cold packs for fever

Items to have in your COVID Care Kit

Make sure you have a month’s supply of the items needed to support the above helpful behaviors!

       In addition:

  • One-month supply of staples
    • Non-perishable foods: dry goods, canned goods, frozen food…
    • Paper goods
    • Other consumables as needed (take an inventory)
  • Extra Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
    • Face masks and gloves
  • Oximeter
    • You want to have this on hand before you have symptoms. It will help your doctor make decision from a distance: should you stay at home, or should you go to the hospital
  • Thermometer
    • Make sure it works!
    • Have a backup
  • Electrolytes
  • Humidifier