Anatomy of Consciousness



One of my favorite books of all time is Power vs Force: An Anatomy of Consciousness by Dr. David R Hawkins. It is important to understand how Dr. Hawkins defines power and force. Force is experienced through the senses while Power is recognized only through inner awareness. Each is a different level of consciousness, and each is a very different way of experiencing and interacting with the world. This was a powerful realization for me.

Power and Force each have their own range of expression. Love and Acceptance, for example, are expressions of the Power level of consciousness. At the start of this range of expression is Courage. At the top is Enlightenment.

Dr. Hawkins’ work profoundly influenced the way I interact with clients and students. He helped me to understand that each person’s emotions and life view reflect their consciousness level and how that level is being expressed. With this understanding, I’m better able to deliver the healing needed to best be of service. This understanding also gives me what I like to call a ‘non-judgmental container’ that helps me convey neutrality in a way that gives the other person the opportunity to express grief, fear, shame, and other difficult emotions.

Taking as an example the level Dr. Hawkins calls Courage gives us an opportunity to deepen our connection with and understanding of his work. Courage is the first place that Power reveals itself in consciousness. Courage is the place of exploration and determination. It is the level where the healing can start when a person is ready to learn, grow, try a new way, and take a risk. While this person does not know every aspect of the healing journey to come, they do know that they do not want to continue down the path they have been taking. They have the Courage to step into the unknown. They take the next step.

I stepped into the level of consciousness called Courage when I gave up my ‘safe’ traditional job with a job description, benefits, and a boss. Through Courage I was able to summon the determination to step onto a path where I could connect with and provide service to each person In the way I felt that person would most benefit. I had the courage to listen to my intuition and in doing so I was able to use all my tools.

Do you have the Courage?