Connected on all levels!

Connected via Social Media

Connected on all levels!

Staying connected is so important. I love that we have so many ways.


I usually use this weekly newsletter to keep the community current with things that are happening with me and share some of my thoughts about life.


Facebook is arguably one of the most used social media platforms with over 2.9 billion monthly users, & the average person checks their Facebook about an hour a day! I use Facebook because it is easy to share photos and organize events. Facebook prioritizes relationship-building to create an intertwined online community. Here I can share information with groups & people who have specific interests. I can use my page to share my knowledge in my areas of specialty with those who want to learn more! Plus I love that it helps me to remember birthdays. Check me out on FB at


I am new to this platform. There is soooooo much going on here. I definitely watch the quick videos that are posted. Here I love to share things on a more personal intimate level. Instagram is like being able to sit down and have a virtual cup of tea with you! With Instagram, I can share recipes, book recommendations, awesome DIY projects, tips & tricks for healthy living & meaningful quotes. Stop by my Instagram and have look


This is a great tool for networking and finding fellow professional people. I am able to communicate with professionals all over the world. LinkedIn offers a fabulous way to demonstrate my knowledge on topics related to my industry, ask questions and start conversations with key people in the same industry areas, and possibly collaborate in new and exciting ways. For reference check out my LinkedIn page


I use this to get the pulse of what is happening in the world. This is a fantastic spot for me to share excellent and resourceful information that is applicable to so many people on so many levels. It is super user-friendly and has literally up-to-the-minute content on news, trends, places, cultures & people. Pop over to my Twitter for some interesting tweets

And finally


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine next to Google for video content. Here I have many videos of past lectures, classes, demonstrations, information sessions etc. These can be watched on your own time. The topics include dowsing, animal energy work, Higher Self, Healing from trauma, etc… This is a fantastic resource if you missed a class or want to learn more from a topic I have only touched on on my other platforms. Here I can dive in and really give lots of information. If you have time take a look and subscribe to my channel

I hope to connect with you on one or all of these platforms!