Clear Your Energy

clear your energy

Fresh Air

I notice that as the New England weather turns cooler, I am closing windows. As a result, I find that my home feels stuffy. I don’t like it. I like the feeling of fresh, clean, and clear air. I am also aware of this feeling of stuffy being reflected in my own energy.

Okay, you may ask, how does a stuffy energy field feel?

Each person may have their own experience of a stuffy or un-clear energy field. Mine shows up in several ways. Though my life may be flowing, and things are ok, I may feel irritable when I wake up in the morning. I have no reason for this feeling. I may also have an awareness of pressure inside and/or outside my body. I would describe this pressure as something like being under a deadline that you just know that you are not going to meet. Pretty uncomfortable. The most frustrating aspect of the

experience is my scattered thinking. I am usually a person of clarity but when I notice this going on it is time to clear my energy field.

I love giving people tips to make life easier. I am going to share my top three energy-clearing techniques.


Technique # 1 – Take a bath.

The water alone is cleansing. I always add Epsom or sea salt. I really like baking soda and essential oils like lavender. I use one cup of salt, half a cup of baking soda, and a few drops of essential oil (just a few!).


Technique # 2 – Expand your energy field.

Your energy field is a bubble of energy around your physical body. Find a comfortable position – sitting or lying down. Bring your awareness to your energy field. Expand your energy field until it is uncomfortable – like a balloon that is ready to pop. Contract your energy field until it begins to feel tight – like a pair of shoes that are too small. Now, allow your energy field to move to its highest position of alignment.


Technique # 3 – Sweeping your energy field with a crystal

Choose your crystal (I recommend quartz). Leave it out in the sun for 24 hours to cleanse it. Start at your head and sweep in a downward motion to your feet. Begin the downward sweeping at the front of your body. As you continue to sweep down, move around your body until you come full circle.


Most importantly – notice what is different when you are done.


Have fun!!!!

Big Hugs and Much Love,