Cindy Signature Classes

Cindy Signature Classes


Lightarian Classes

Lightarian AngelLinks – Feb 26 (5 class series – $100 per class): The focus of this series of AngelLink classes is to help you embody the angelic qualities of unconditional love, non- judgement, courage, beauty, and joy. This is an opportunity to work with Seraph Rose, Archangel Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel. (The remaining classes will be scheduled with group input on February 26)
Lightarian Reiki – July 22 (4 class series – $100 per class): Inspired by Ascended Master Buddha. His intentions were, and still are, to stimulate self-empowerment by keeping the attunement and healing process simple. Therefore, no new symbols are used in Lightarian Reiki. This series is for those who have attained the Usui Reiki Master level. Please send a copy of the certificate when registering. (The remaining classes will be scheduled with group input on July 22)

Toolkit-Builder Classes

Each class of this six-class series will work with a different aspect of your energy health. Classes are 3 hours each, and the format is the same for all six – discussion followed by time to add to your toolkit utilizing the teachings of that class. Each class will introduce its own set of techniques. At the conclusion of the series, you will have a complete toolkit to help you optimize your energy health. ($150 per class. $600 for all six – prepayment required)
Energy of Forgiveness – Jan 8: We tend to want to blame the other person when a situation goes wrong. ‘They’ did this or that and you end up feeling slighted, angry, and indignant. Often these emotions are a cover for a deeper sense of hurt or even devastation. The surface emotions may feel justified but holding onto them means holding onto the deeper hurt. This is unhealthy for your energy system.
Working with Divine Masculine and Feminine – Mar 26: Our greatest potential as humans is met in the balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. Understanding and working with these energies facilitates the manifestation of your blueprint. 
Anxiety Tool Kit – Apr 16: Do you worry about everything a little bit or even a lot? This class looks at the energy of anxiety. We will review tools that you can use to change the energy pattern of anxiety. Some of these tools are in-the-moment techniques while others focus on the long-term goal of dissolving the root cause of your anxiety.
Human Electromagnetic Field – June 11: Have you ever flipped on a light switch to have the light bulb blow out? This is an example of your energy field interacting with another energy field. Your field may be full of turbulence caused by ill health or low state of mind. A clear and open electromagnetic field will attract the more desirable experiences of life, such as happiness, health, and good fortune.
Self-Love Practice – Aug 19: Do you feed yourself good food? Do you give your body exercise? Do you wear clothes that feel good? Are you able to notice your thoughts and not take everything you think as truth? Are you able to feel your emotions and allow them to be what they are? This class gives you tools to develop the practice of loving yourself.
Energy Field Clearings – Sept 30: A clear field is stronger and more organized. This class will guide you through the energy anatomy of your Chakras, Ida and Pingala, Sushumna, Divine Masculine and Feminine and the Aura. You will leave the class with a recording of an energy clearing to guide you through clearings at home. 

Advanced Training

Karuna Reiki Master – Oct 20,21,22: Karuna, meaning compassionate action, is an advanced Reiki developed by William Lee Rand. This Karuna workshop is available to anyone who has taken Usui Reiki Master training. During this workshop, you will have time to practice using the Karuna Reiki symbols, and time to exchange practice treatments with your classmates. (3-day class – $1,200)