Gift of Spring

spring bird nest

A Gift of Spring Spring Reflections I love New England’s seasons. There is beauty in each one of these expressions of nature. Summer is lovely with its heat and humidity. It reminds me of working in the garden on the family farm in Kentucky. Fall is an experience of color and the sounds of crisp […]

Accepting What Is

awareness dark light road

Awareness & Accepting What Is I know we live in a world of polarities – light/dark, good/bad. I consciously cultivate the light and goodness within myself. I do not at the same time, however, want to cultivate unawareness or disregard for the other aspects of the world and those around me. It is important to […]

Keep your neck covered!

neck warm covered

Keep your neck covered! We all know to wash our hands when they are dirty, to cover our mouths when we cough, and to stay home when we have a fever. But have you ever been told to keep your neck warm and covered when it is cold and windy outside? In a Yale study, […]

The Wise Man

wise man

I love short stories that share a lesson. Here is a recent one I especially appreciate: The Wise ManA frequent visitor of the wise man complained about the same problem time and time again. One day the wise man told his visitor a joke, and the visitor roared in laughter. A couple of minutes later, […]

Hand Me Down Wisdom

hand me Wisdom

It is so cold today that I am wearing a heavy wool sweater. It makes me smile because it’s my husband’s high school sweater. It is a hand-me-down. I love hand-me-downs because they have a story. This led me to think: are hand me downs only about clothing and other physical things? This last Sunday […]

Don’t Quit

dont quit

Holiday Reflections Wow! The holidays are intense.  I remind myself that it is important to hold on to my center.  I want to stay connected to kindness, gratitude and love. Here is a great poem that reminds all of us …. Don’t Quit When Things go wrong, as they sometimes will, When the road you’re […]



Generosity This is the time of year when giving is a topic of conversation. Generosity is a multi-faceted quality. It can be shown through the act of holding a door open or letting someone merge in front of you when you are waiting in a line of traffic. It is shared with others in what […]

Following the Healing!

Greetings There have been postings telling you stay tuned….. Today, I am so excited to announce my new website and direction!   Welcome to I have chosen an image that reflects ancient wisdom. The Triskele is a Celtic symbol representing the trinity.Here at the trinity has many meanings. To name a few: Healer, Teacher, CoachLearn, […]

Reflections on Path and Purpose

Reflections on Path and Purpose I spend a good amount of my meditation practice in contemplation of the way the world works. I am fascinated by my perception and interpretation of what is called Reality. The more mindful I am, the more I see and recognize clues and signs that the energy of my reality […]

Covid Reflections & the Wisdom of Others

I believe there is great wisdom in the experience of others. I have gathered thoughts from my family, friends, and clients who have had COVID as to what behaviors and items they found most helpful, and what they would recommend to others who want to have a ‘COVID kit’ at home. My intention is to […]