New Soup Experience!

Here is a new recipe to try. This soup has all the boxes checked.  Simple. Easy. Yummy. Healing. I had this soup at a Lebanese restaurant and searched for a long time to find it. It was worth every second! Lemons are a good source of vitamin C. The citric acid helps prevent kidney stones […]

Secret ingredient

This week’s “new thing”…….Check out these insanely good Vegan Brownies! I topped them while warm with vanilla ice cream. Easy and super delicious! The cherries are the secret ingredient…… Ingredients Instructions Big Hugs and Much Love, Cindy

Something New!

Check it out….a new look!!!! New Year’s resolutions…. I really enjoy contemplating new ways to up my game in my life. Last year I resolved to practice 4 hours of silence weekly. This was great because I noticed how quiet my mind became. I was able keep this resolution going through Thanksgiving, but the last […]

Cranberry and Chocolate Bliss

I love to experiment. I am always looking for a new recipe. I read this recipe and decided immediately that I wanted to add chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better. These are high in protein. They are just sweet enough and easy to make. May they make you feel blissful!!!! Ingredients Instructions Big Hugs and Much […]

White Bean Chili – Crockpot Style!

As the weather shifts to cold, I fall in love with my crockpot again. I really like how easy crockpot cooking can be. Another win is the awesome smell that permeates the entire house. I feel like the energy of good food cooking is clearing the space. It allows the energy of home to settle in. Chili is […]

Vegan No Bake Cookies

I made No Bake cookies this weekend. These cookies were the first thing I learned to cook by myself at 10 years of age. Do you remember that Quaker Oats had this recipe on the outside of their container?  Sugar – Butter – Milk – Cocoa – Oats.  I must have made this recipe hundreds of times. […]

Vegan Ice Cream

If you like to avoid dairy and added sugar, or you’re just up for something new and delicious, this incredible strawberry banana ‘ice cream’ delivers all the taste and pleasure with none of the guilt. It’s easy. Give it a try. You’ll be amazed! Step 1 Blend Bananas and almond butter in food processor. Then […]