Cindy Signature Classes

Cindy Signature Classes   Lightarian Classes Lightarian AngelLinks – Feb 26 (5 class series – $100 per class): The focus of this series of AngelLink classes is to help you embody the angelic qualities of unconditional love, non- judgement, courage, beauty, and joy. This is an opportunity to work with Seraph Rose, Archangel Michael, Raphael, Uriel, […]

Milk Bath Magic

magic milk bath

A Little bit of Magic In honor of Halloween, I am sharing this ritual you can perform to magnify your SELF-LOVE. Self-Love is about accepting and loving yourself as you are, while at the same time making sure that your actions and behaviors follow suit. We need more love on the planet! This ritual is […]

Healing Intentions

healing intentions

I believe in the energy of healing intentions. There are so many factors involved in healing. I do not think we totally understand how they all work together. We do understand the basics. For example, we know that nutrition, sleep, and exercise are important to the healing process. Beyond the fundamentals, it has been my […]

Clear Your Energy

clear your energy

Fresh Air I notice that as the New England weather turns cooler, I am closing windows. As a result, I find that my home feels stuffy. I don’t like it. I like the feeling of fresh, clean, and clear air. I am also aware of this feeling of stuffy being reflected in my own energy. […]

Taste and Smell Super Powers

taste and smell

Have you ever wondered why you can smell or taste things that others cannot? I have always found this fascinating. I know some people consider it strange but as par for me, I just want to figure out what it is all about. I believe that all of us have heightened senses that are labeled intuition or […]

Energy of Inspiration


Inspiration I am on vacation and am taking the quiet as an opportunity to spend time with my writing. It is perfect! I have no schedule. My husband is taking on the cooking. My writing is evolving but it is challenging. I come from a background of documenting medical facts that can be checked, confirmed, […]

Season of Change

season of change

The Changing Season Here in New England, the season is switching from summer to fall. The breezes are cooler, and the sun rises later and sets earlier – so there is less light. I find this seasonal change a little challenging. I get cold easily, so I have already started wearing jeans and long sleeve […]

Akashic Records Retreat Reflections

Akashic Records

Akashic Records Virtual Retreat a Profound Experience I had the most profound experience teaching the Akashic Records Virtual Retreat! I need to share a few details to clarify why this was so profound. First – The Akashic Records are a spiritual library holding information and containing every thought, emotion, and experience about your current life […]

DIY Body Scrub

DIY Body Scrub

The Magic of Baking Soda & Salt Body Scrub  I love energy and I love science. I have the perfect thing to share today – a recipe and practice that combines both! The lymphatic system is very necessary for detoxification of the body. The lymphatic system works together with the immune system to help keep […]

Anatomy of Consciousness


Consciousness One of my favorite books of all time is Power vs Force: An Anatomy of Consciousness by Dr. David R Hawkins. It is important to understand how Dr. Hawkins defines power and force. Force is experienced through the senses while Power is recognized only through inner awareness. Each is a different level of consciousness, […]