Bronx Zoo

bronx zoo

Reflections from the Bonx Zoo

I spent last week at the Bronx Zoo!!!

I am blessed to have friends at the Zoo.  Love them so much.  Their daily world is all about helping and saving wild animals from across the world.

This so speaks the language of my heart.

I am not sure how many of you know that many of the animals at the zoo got there because they were orphans! The many stories I heard over time with my friend gives the zoo a whole different face – not just a place for you and I to view these animals – but a place dedicated to rescuing these amazing wild animals and giving them a home staffed by loving people who are dedicated to their continued survival on our planet.

Click on the picture to check out a great video introduction describing remote ‘meet and greet’ opportunities with the animal ambassadors at the zoo. I had a chance to meet some of the animal including ‘Peaches’ the Warthog, and a small ‘waddle’ of Penguins. They were delightful!

bronx zoo

My takeaway from my time at the Bronx Zoo?

 I am in awe of the wild animals I met, of the dedicated 


staff at the zoo, and of my friends who take these animals in and give them a life of love!!!!

P.S. I also got to see the incredible Zoo Holiday Lights while I was there. Another great video to click on below!