I have recently found myself having many conversations around gratitude and blessings. I want to share some of my thoughts on the importance of having this vibration in your life.


My awareness around this topic was heightened as I prepared for the Energy Mastery Series 1 workshop. During this workshop, we shared how to ‘bless’ the pendulums or dowsing rods being used by students. The approach can apply to any tool or object that a person uses and considers to be sacred. I think of a blessing as words that ask for special consideration, help and clarity. I use a blessing with anything that I feel requires respect and mindfulness – for example, anything I use for my healing practice. I believe that blessings help to bring the highest energy into my sessions and teachings.


There is much common wisdom in our world around the law of attraction and manifestation. I think attraction and manifestation start with the individual. My thoughts, emotions, and actions all contribute to the flavor of my experience and view of how the world works. I, therefore, want to hold a space for blessings and gratitude so that this ‘vibe’ comes across in how I express myself and interact with others. If I start from a place of gratitude and then have challenges or difficulties, I believe I’m in a better place to be of service than if I were mired in the murky energy of the situation. I want to be part of the solution and not the situation.

My wish is that these words are helpful and bring you a brighter day!

This is the blessing I use:

With my mind, body, and spirit, I ask that this tool be blessed. I focus on Divine guidance and inspiration as I dowse for the highest good. I ask for the guidance of my teachers and guides as I use this tool upon my chosen path. So be it. It is done.


Big Hugs and Much Love,