Following the Healing!

Greetings There have been postings telling you stay tuned….. Today, I am so excited to announce my new website and direction!   Welcome to I have chosen an image that reflects ancient wisdom. The Triskele is a Celtic symbol representing the trinity.Here at the trinity has many meanings. To name a few: Healer, Teacher, CoachLearn, […]



Blessings I have recently found myself having many conversations around gratitude and blessings. I want to share some of my thoughts on the importance of having this vibration in your life.   My awareness around this topic was heightened as I prepared for the Energy Mastery Series 1 workshop. During this workshop, we shared how […]

Consciousness, Balance, and Being Real

By Carolyn L. Kusinski, PHD We are the only ones who can balance ourselves. Family, friends, colleagues, mentors, and leading lights can set frameworks, give feedback, share insights, and do some good old holding up the mirror for us—but at the end of the day, it’s on us. It can feel vulnerable to be out of […]

Pet Reiki: Grace

By: Caitlin Marino This past May our beloved family dog, a 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier named Grace, encountered a poisonous Bufo frog while in Florida with my parents. My father rushed her to the animal hospital but her outlook was poor. The vet had informed him that 90% of all dogs who encounter these frogs are dead upon arrival and those that survive […]

Story of the Month- Strike

Story of the Month: Strike I am a fellow Pet Reiki Practitioner with Lynn.  Our amazing journey with Reiki began this past December.  Early in the month, my cat Strike woke me up with severe vomiting.   I took him to his vet & he was hospitalized with pancreatitis for a couple of days.  When he […]