New Soup Experience!

Here is a new recipe to try. This soup has all the boxes checked.  Simple. Easy. Yummy. Healing. I had this soup at a Lebanese restaurant and searched for a long time to find it. It was worth every second! Lemons are a good source of vitamin C. The citric acid helps prevent kidney stones […]

Facilitating Good Sleep

A new tool for me but an old and trusted one for my clients. My healing journey began as an Occupational Therapist, where I had the privilege of working with infants and children facing challenges that didn’t neatly fit into a specific diagnosis. Many of them struggled to experience life in a normal way. Alongside […]


I am continuing with my one new thing each week resolution! This week I started juicing, and I dragged my husband with me! We discussed what our health concerns are and what we would like to improve on through juicing. Interestingly, we both have a strong desire to reduce inflammation. In 2004, the cover of TIME Magazine […]

The 3 D’s

January is the month when many people start new habits. A poll conducted by Forbes showed that most resolutions last only a little over three months. Why is this? I believe it is connected to the 3 D’s. Dedication – Devotion – Discipline. Let us look at this triad. Dedication is commitment to a task and purpose. […]

Three Documentaries

I am going strong with my 2024 resolution to do something new each week! I am trying new information about things I know little about. Here you go! Minimalism is all about owning only that which adds value and meaning to your life (as well as the lives of the people you care about) and letting […]

Signature Classes

Here is the new thing for this week……. Usually, I have my teaching schedule done early fall. I kept drafting something, but it never dowsed as right. I asked one of my intuitive friends. She told me that I was already teaching the way I was to teach in 2024…. private single classes. I love […]

Secret ingredient

This week’s “new thing”…….Check out these insanely good Vegan Brownies! I topped them while warm with vanilla ice cream. Easy and super delicious! The cherries are the secret ingredient…… Ingredients Instructions Big Hugs and Much Love, Cindy

Something New!

Check it out….a new look!!!! New Year’s resolutions…. I really enjoy contemplating new ways to up my game in my life. Last year I resolved to practice 4 hours of silence weekly. This was great because I noticed how quiet my mind became. I was able keep this resolution going through Thanksgiving, but the last […]