Taste and Smell Super Powers

taste and smell

Have you ever wondered why you can smell or taste things that others cannot? I have always found this fascinating. I know some people consider it strange but as par for me, I just want to figure out what it is all about. I believe that all of us have heightened senses that are labeled intuition or […]

Energy of Inspiration


Inspiration I am on vacation and am taking the quiet as an opportunity to spend time with my writing. It is perfect! I have no schedule. My husband is taking on the cooking. My writing is evolving but it is challenging. I come from a background of documenting medical facts that can be checked, confirmed, […]

Season of Change

season of change

The Changing Season Here in New England, the season is switching from summer to fall. The breezes are cooler, and the sun rises later and sets earlier – so there is less light. I find this seasonal change a little challenging. I get cold easily, so I have already started wearing jeans and long sleeve […]

Hall Pass

Hall Pass

Hall Pass I was listening to a podcast and the host was discussing the concept of giving yourself a “hall pass.” I immediately started thinking that this was an awesome thing! So many times, I will give others a pass …. they are having a difficult day, they have stuff happening in their life, etc.…. […]

Yes or No

Why do I feel badly if I say “No”? It is just a response to a simple request from someone – “Yes” or “No.” Now, I am a pretty direct person but sometimes I hesitate to respond with the answer that works best for me. This is especially true when someone asks me to do […]

Finish 2022 Smarter

Teaching Class

I’m already thinking about the lineup of classes for 2023! I know, I know, let’s finish 2022 first. Here are the three classes left for the year.    Foundation- Sunday August 14th;9-4 – FREEPart 1: Meditating – I will introduce you to a healthy boundary meditation that can be done every day. It will strengthen your awareness of your […]

A Few of My Favorite Things

Cindy hugging cat

A Few of My Favorite Things I know not everyone is enjoying the recent heat and humidity! I have heard lots of my neighbors complaining. I was raised in Kentucky, so temperatures in the upper 90’s with high humidity is a very familiar experience. I don’t mind sweating, but I have never gotten used to […]

Akashic Records Retreat Reflections

Akashic Records

Akashic Records Virtual Retreat a Profound Experience I had the most profound experience teaching the Akashic Records Virtual Retreat! I need to share a few details to clarify why this was so profound. First – The Akashic Records are a spiritual library holding information and containing every thought, emotion, and experience about your current life […]

Connected on all levels!

Connected via Social Media

Connected on all levels! Staying connected is so important. I love that we have so many ways. Newsletter I usually use this weekly newsletter to keep the community current with things that are happening with me and share some of my thoughts about life. Facebook Facebook is arguably one of the most used social media […]


Reflections on Freedom  I am writing this on the afternoon of the 4th of July as I watch my neighbors participate in a boat parade on the lake. I am sure there will be a great display of fireworks tonight. There are lots of cookouts happening – people visiting friends and family. I feel grateful […]