Akashic Records Retreat Reflections

Akashic Records

Akashic Records Virtual Retreat a Profound Experience

I had the most profound experience teaching the Akashic Records Virtual Retreat!

I need to share a few details to clarify why this was so profound.

First – The Akashic Records are a spiritual library holding information and containing every thought, emotion, and experience about your current life and alternate lives, which include past and future.


Second – We discussed worldview, including reincarnation, parallel universes, and your ancestral information in your DNA. I shared my worldview about the Unified field which is a sea of virtual energy that lies beneath everything and is influenced by your consciousness.


Third – Each person set the intention for the retreat using Tarot cards. There were many connections and similarities between each person at the retreat. Fascinating!

We had LOTS of discussions. The best part is there were no ‘wrong’ questions or answers. The above details focused on the energy of the class.

Each student learned how to do their own record reading and then learned how to do readings for others.

Here is where things really became amazing… I watched each person after each reading becomes more aware of themselves. Each was able to witness their own intuitive nature and the healing information that they were able to bring forward for themselves and others. All they had to do was trust. This was a topic throughout the retreat.

How do you trust that the intuitive information that you are seeing, feeling, knowing, etc…is real and not made up by your own mind?

Many times, I find myself trying to ‘logic’ students and clients into trusting their intuition. In this class, these students had an experience themselves that they could not deny. No logic is needed! I would describe what I witnessed as a real-time transformation. It literally happened before my eyes.

This kind of transformative healing takes courage and strength. I am humbled by these students, and I am grateful.