Akashic Records

Akashic records

Akashic Record Retreat
Instructors: Caitlin Marino and Cindy Mattingly.
Aug 11,12,13,14: Friday – Monday

To Register and learn more about the class: www.caitlinmarino.com

I am not sure how many of you have had an Akashic Record reading. The Akashic Records are a spiritual library holding a record of every thought, emotion, and experience you have had in your current life. There are many ways to use the information that you receive from an Akashic Record reading.

I use the information in several ways. First, a person may have a repeating karmic pattern that is currently influencing this lifetime. The pattern can be identified, and the energy released. Sometimes, there is information helpful for current medical issues that are showing up. The individual can gain clarity around next steps to manage the situation. I especially appreciate the lesson that the Akashic bookkeeper offers at the end of each reading.

This lesson is usually a one sentence summary of the record just read. There is no judgement in the records. They just state what has been. Not good or bad. The lesson can influence your view of reality. It can open your awareness of other reasons for the events in your life.

Once you recognize the lesson’s applicability to your life, you can start to dissolve the energy of your thoughts, emotions, and actions, or as I refer to it, the “charge” that is currently influencing the expression of the record.

How do you dissolve the energy?

By changing your thoughts, emotions, and actions. This can be accomplished through chanting, saying prayers, practicing forgiveness, etc…. The most powerful way to heal is by taking ownership of the lesson and starting to implement the changes. You are in charge!

If you are interested in learning more, check out www.caitlinmarino.com