Acts of Kindness

I was backing out of my garage on my way to run an errand and I saw my “low tire” light on. Not a problem. I have a good tire gauge and a portable air compressor in my car. I check the tires…. There are three tires that are low! I go to the back of my car to get my portable air compressor. It’s not there! Now what am I going to do?

Oh, did I mention my husband is out of town…

My neighbor comes walking up. He has just finished walking his dogs. He is the type that has all the tools. I asked if he has a portable air compressor I can use. He tells me he can do even better. He goes to his RV and opens the side where a real air compressor lives. He gets a real compressor hose. I am out of my driveway in about 6 minutes.

It got me thinking about kindness. I told a bunch of people about how my neighbor helped me. It made me feel good. I am sure he felt good. Each person I told smiled or said that it made them happy to hear the story.

I went on an internet search and found a website about kindness. Here are a few items from this incredible foundation and the link. 

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation | Welcome

Here is an image from one of my favorite holiday characters, The Grinch. 

There is a section for kindness videos. Here is one I really like.

The Scientific POWER of Kindness | Simon Sinek (

The best section was the one on ‘kindness ideas’. Here are several that I am going to be putting into practice.

  • Write positive messages on sticky notes and leave for others to find.
  • Let someone merge while in traffic.
  • Compliment with reckless abandon.

May this inspire you to an act of kindness!

Big Hugs and Much Love,